Innovative Software Development

Hyper Innovation Limited is an Irish start-up focused on developing and reselling of innovative software solutions.

The first creation of Hyper Innovation is the exclusive and revolutionary Hyperspace Application Platform, the innovative way to quickly create and simply manage modern customized software solutions.

Hyper Innovation is based in Dublin but it is supported by a net of international partners that collaborate in developement, in localization and distribution.



The next era software solution

Hyperspace Application Platform is the revolutionary business Platform to self create management applications such as ERP, CRM, MES, WCM or System Integration.

Discover the new paradigm of a modern business application where the company itself governs its strategic applications and will have the ability to adapt and absorb changes in complete autonomy.

Discover Hyperspace Application Platform: the next era software solution


Web Summit 2021

Hyper Innovation announces its participation to Web Summit 2021, as a Beta startup. We will expose Hyperspace Application Platform.

Lisbon, November 1-4, 2021